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Portfolio: architecture RT

Established in 2001, architecture R/T is a firm based in Panjim, Goa engaged primarily in architecture, interior design, conservation and urban renewal projects with a focus on sustainable building and green design.
Center for Development of Stones, Rajasthan, 4th All India Stone Architectural Awards
AISAA India Stonemart Jaipur, The HIndu
Location worked in:
Panaji- Goa, Carona, Aldona, Mashem, Goa

architecture RT

Owner: architectureR/T Goa   Alto St Cruz, Goa
Speciality: Architect
Experience: 13 years
Education: Bachelor of Architecture
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Phone: 9823362217
House in Aldona | Carona, Aldona
Chapel | Mashem, Goa

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