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Product Designer,Artisan and Craftsperson,Interior Designer,Site-specific installation artist
Experience: 5 years
Education: Bachelor in Interior Design, LEED (Commercial Interiors)
We are a Multi- Disciplinary Design Studio Initiative experimenting with various materials and techniques (especially fibres) primarily for spatial ap...
Architect,Product Designer,Interior Designer,Site-specific installation artist
Experience: 2 years
Education: B.Arch
Arjun Rathi is the principal of the self named multidisciplinary design practice operating from Mumbai, India. Established in 2011, the work has gaine...
Architect,Product Designer,Interior Designer,Site-specific installation artist
Experience: 10 years
Education: B Arch, PG.Fellow
Architect Gaurav, heads a young firm with experience in architecture, interior design, graphic design, urban design and housing projects, mainly in an...
Product Designer,Artisan and Craftsperson
Experience: 0 year
Swati Kalsi, a Textile and Fashion Designer, has worked with handcrafted textiles, for about a decade. Over the years, she has been noted; to have...
Architect,Product Designer,Site-specific installation artist
Experience: 3 years
Education: M Arch, B Arch
ROOSHADSHROFF is a multi-disciplinary design and research studio founded in June 2011 in Mumbai, India. While the practice remains dedicated to realiz...
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