ÜBORA (pronounced OO-BOO-RAH)_where design thrives

Discover crafted products and design services for your home

What we do -

The platform is focused on the built environment & showcases collaborations between designers, artisans and makers.

The professional platform is a showcase of bespoke projects by architects, landscape architects, interior designers, product/furniture designers, artisans/crafts-person & artists. The community is exclusive to designers based in India.

The products marketplace is global in reach, but Indian by design. It carries a curated catalog of unique products that fit within or around a built space. Products on ÜBORA celebrate collaborations between contemporary designers and traditional artisans from various craft clusters across the country.

We believe design thrives through collaborations and in telling stories about amazing products and the people behind them.

Why we do -

The platform's mission is to bring efficiency to the predominantly 'do-it-for-me' culture in India and make reaching out to various collaborators easier.

Through the product innovation marketplace, we aim to bring opportunities and create employment at the grassroots level, to revitalize the handicraft sector in India. The Handicraft sector is the second-largest employer (after agriculture) in rural India. However, the lack of ‘new’ revenue streams for traditional skill-sets is causing the next generation to move on to other professions and is not attracting fresh talent.

Contemporary Indian design is emerging as an industry with great potential and designers are trying to explore handicraft as a way to differ yet have appeal in an international market. ÜBORA wants to celebrate this increasing collaboration between contemporary designers, and traditional artisans, in turn creating a lucrative handicraft industry that continues to generate employment and elevate the many rich design traditions across India’s length and breadth.

Übora is a portmanteau of the German word über and the ancient Greek word agora.

Über is a German language word meaning "above", "over" or "across". It is popularly used as a synonym in English for super.

Agora (Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά, Agorá) was an open "place of assembly/gathering" in an ancient Greek city-state, which also served as a marketplace to buy and sell goods and exchange ideas. ÜBORA is our concept of one place on the Internet where design enthusiasts go to when they think design for uber ideas!