Frequently Asked Questions


ÜBORA is the place to go before starting a remodeling or ground up construction project for a room, for your house, office, business or boutique. You can start by looking for inspirations, finding designers and contractors to build it and also discover beautiful furniture and products for your space. You can pin your inspirations to an inspiration board, write comments on it and also share your board with family and friends for opinions.


Anyone who is currently remodeling or planning to remodel their space, looking for furniture or simply ways to bring a new flavor to their space will benefit from ÜBORA. You can browse through our visual listings of design professionals and reach out to them directly or even find the hands that can build your space. Our product tab will give you an insight into cutting edge furniture, wall art and accessories to bring character to your rooms.


ÜBORA is a way for designers and enthusiasts to connect with each other. Enthusiasts can follow designer projects, blogs and other submissions and make an informed decision when hiring professional services.


Like is a community feature. When you like an image you increase its popularity and the count on number of people liking it. A photo you like does not get saved to your profile.

Pin is a private feature. When you pin a photo, you add it to your inspiration board. You can add notes to a pinned photo. Notes on a pinned photo are

WHAT IS an inspiration board?

The inspiration board is the place to save ideas for your project. You can organize the inspiration board into folders/collection. E.g. A collection can be a series of photos representing furniture that you like or are considering for a project. It is a way for you to organize things you want to remember and refer later. If you are working with a design professional on your project, you can share your inspiration board with them to communicate ideas and get feedback.

HOW DO I SAVE SOMETHING TO my inspiration board?

If you see something that you want to add to a collection, please click on the pin icon on the top right hand corner of the image. You can choose to add this to an existing default folder or create a new folder.


Yes, the inspiration board is private, but you can share it by invitation.


ÜBORA brings your work in front of property owners looking for creative solutions for their built spaces, services and products. It lets you interact and establish relations with potential clients.

Know, your followers, most liked and pinned project images, and get discovered by international writers, magazine editors and bloggers.

ÜBORA gives your published works a second life and international writers, magazine editors and bloggers discover helps.

With its simple to use user interface, it helps maintain an updated, multi-dimensional extension of your studio's existing website, with links to publications and awards, press and social networking sites.

Benefit from an organized platform for Indian designers, artisan and craftsman, by cross-pollinating across design disciplines, thus enabling new collaborations.

Share ideas and inspirations with current clients and get access to their inspirations and thoughts.

Access to well-designed, well-crafted products of quality and marquee to complement spaces conceived by you.

Marketplace for your bespoke products.


Designers can use ÜBORA in multiple ways – to showcase their work, build a journal of past projects, awards, recognition, publications, streamline their own workflow as well as to market themselves, collaborate and build a brand.

Architects/Interior designers have told us that they spend lots of time sourcing character defining furniture, artifacts and art for projects. ÜBORA, lists designers from various backgrounds and skills contributing to the built space thus letting you search across multiple skills to collaborate and co create or simply just pick a fabulous piece, instead of going from store to store.

Managing furniture and ideas for a particular project can be streamlined by using the “inspiration board” feature. You can keep yourself abreast with new materials coming in the market and share information paperless with clients.

HOW CAN A DESIGNER USE the inspiration board?

A designer can use the inspiration as a resource book for saving ideas, materials they like or for saving products and photos they are considering for a particular project (e.g.: Mehta Living Room). They can share the particular collection with their client. They can also ask a question so the client can comment on the individual products and make choices among the options.

You can also get inspiration from other designers. Managing furniture and ideas for a particular project can be streamlined by using the “inspiration board” feature. You can add notes on the collection and even share the URL with your client and ask them questions on whether they like what you’ve selected. Your client in turn can pin their favorites and share those with you. This will streamline the information flow and both you and your client will have one place to keep tabs on the items you are choosing and ideas that can inspire your space.


The featured designer section, on the platform is by invitation only.

To be listed as a design professional, kindly email us on – or JOIN from the homepage.


Übora is a portmanteau of the German word über and the ancient Greek word agora.

Über is a German language word meaning "above", "over" or "across". It is popularly used as a synonym in English for super. Agora (Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά, Agorá) was an open "place of assembly/gathering" in an ancient Greek city-state, which also served as a marketplace to buy and sell goods and exchange ideas.

ÜBORA is our concept of one place on the Internet where design enthusiasts go to when they think design for uber ideas for their spaces!